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My country, along with the rest of the world, feels more divided than ever. As humans, we are growing spiritually, but we appear to be experiencing some growing pains. Instead of coming together as one, unified as living beings on this beautiful planet, the divide between us grows larger. So, I decided to dig deep into my library of past blog posts for this inspiring, musical tribute to world unity. I first published this, on my original website, in November, 2017. I am posting this in place of my usual morning affirmation. I’m feeling a bit down today, and this has definitely lifted my spirits. I hope it lifts your’s as well.

Here is the original post…(with a few minor changes.)…

Today,  I thought I’d take this opportunity to do something I love to do, but also, something I haven’t done in a VERY long time, and that’s highlight a non-profit organization. 

Playing for Change

I’m highlighting the Foundation – Playing for Change. This phenomenal group, which has become a world sensation, came about because of the belief that “music has the power to connect people, regardless of their differences.”  In 2004, some filmmakers made a documentary about music on the streets, which was called PLAYING FOR CHANGE: PEACE THROUGH MUSIC. This documentary has gone on to spur a world wide movement to connect the world, and teach music to under privileged children around the world.

During the production of the documentary, the crew decided it would be extremely difficult to bring musicians from all over the world to one studio, so they created a mobile studio and took it to the musicians and the places in which they lived.  They traveled the world, recording these street musicians singing specific songs. Then, the sounds were mixed together, to create a unified song and sound. Even though these musicians were 1000’s of miles apart, in many cases, on different continents, the sound created was as if they were unified, each contributing a unique talent to the larger group. And, as you’ll see below, the sound is AMAZING! Each song makes me smile and fills my heart and soul with love.

After traveling awhile, the film crews wanted to give back to the communities in which they visited. So, in 2007, the PLAYING FOR CHANGE FOUNDATION was created. Their mission is to “inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music”. They wish to “create positive change through music and arts education.” As of this posting, the organization has opened 17 music programs in 13 countries.

Here is an introductory video from the founder of Playing for Change:

If you’d like to connect with Playing for Change:


the most important part,

here are a few of their

wonderful songs!


(Just an FYI…If you’re reading this article on a tablet or mobile phone, you may need to view the videos on Youtube.)




Have a beautiful day my friends. Namaste!

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