Morning Affirmation~ “I stay calm and patient in any situation.”

Today’s affirmation can be difficult in a society where instant gratification is common place:

“I stay calm and patient in any situation.”

I remember a situation about 12 years ago, when I was living in New Mexico, that reminded me that some things are just meant to be, and being calm and patient can be key to successfully navigating a situation.

I was late picking up my son from school, very stressed and anxious, when I took a wrong turn onto the interstate! I was so mad at myself. It was really odd, because I had taken that same route everyday to pick up my son. Why had I suddenly, for no reason, entered the interstate, when I had never done that before?

So, I went to the next exit, turned around and headed back in the other direction. When I got to where I had been, just a few minutes before, there was a terrible car accident. A car that had been directly behind me before my wrong turn had been hit head on by a car from the other direction. If I had not made that wrong turn onto the interstate, I would have been the one who had been hit. I was immediately grateful that I took that wrong turn. My spiritual nature, and Catholic upbringing immediately thanked my spirit guides and guardian angel. I think of this incident every time I’m stuck in traffic or take a wrong turn. This helps keep me patient and calm. Everything happens for a reason…everything.

How do you practice patience in our current, modern day climate? I found an article from The Cleveland Clinic titled: 7 Tips for Better Patience. It indicates, learning to be patient requires the individual to be uncomfortable.

  1. Practice mindfulness.
  2. Practice accepting your current circumstances.
  3. Actively build a tolerance for being a bit uncomfortable.
  4. When you’re feeling rushed, consciously slow down.
  5. Be playful.
  6. Let it feel broken.
  7. Practice being a good listener.

For more information on each of the 7 tips follow the link below:

7 Tips for Better Patience – The Cleveland Clinic

Have a beautiful day my friends. Namaste!

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