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You’ll find 3 different interests on my website/blog: hiking, wholistic living and spirituality. You may wonder how they all connect. My search for spirituality is my main goal, not only on my blog, but in life generally. Living a wholistic life and eating whole foods helps me better connect with my spiritual nature. For me, refined food makes me feel foggy, and “blocked” from my spirituality. I also believe eating whole foods is an absolute necessity on the trail. (I know most hikers disagree with this assessment)

Now for the connection between hiking and spirituality. I have always loved being in the forest. It makes me feel alive, peaceful, and stress free. There is nothing more spiritual for me than being on the trail, at one with nature. It helps me feel connected to our beautiful planet and grateful to be part of this world. On the surface, hiking and spirituality may appear to be completely unrelated. However, I assure you many hikers depend on hiking for the spiritual benefits it imparts.

This article, from Women Wandering Beyond, discusses 11 spiritual benefits individuals can achieve from hiking. Follow the link below for the main article.

11 Spiritual Benefits Of Hiking That Will Change Your Life

Have a beautiful day my friends. Namaste!

8 responses to “11 Spiritual Benefits Of Hiking That Will Change Your Life ~ Women Wandering Beyond”

  1. As a fellow hiker, I agree with all the benefits of hiking. It inspires me whenever I am down and feel like I don’t want to do anything. After a short/long/easy/moderate/difficult hike, I come home recharged and full of inspiration 🙂

  2. Great, very comprehensive post there. You make loads of good points and they’re all true except, for me, lone hiking is the thing – I’m not at all bothered about being with people and am very happy on my own. I do sometimes walk with others but like best to be out there alone – I certainly feel more that way.

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