April 18, 2018 – Delivery Day!


In an effort to eat locally grown, seasonal food, I signed up for a local service known as SEASONAL ROOTS. This is an online farmer’s market that delivers in the local Virginia area. All food is sourced within 150 miles of my home, instead of being shipped from across the country. To find out how to eat seasonal and local, or to find an online farmer’s market in your area, follow this link.

Quite frankly, I find regular grocery stores to be distracting. Even if you buy only organic, you can still buy things that aren’t normally in season, since they’re grown in California, Florida, Mexico or even South America. So, I decided it was time for a change.

I tried  Seasonal Roots once before, 2 weeks ago, and loved it. As a non-member, I was able to choose from 3 different veggie/fruit baskets, and was able to add on one other pantry item. (I chose pasture raised eggs). This week, I signed up as a member, for $50 per year, which allows me add on unlimited pantry items.

Version 4

This week, I ordered a small veggie basket, which included hydro-bib lettuce, red potatoes, 1 cluster tomatoes, curly kale, and spring onions.

I added on fresh mozzarella (SOOOOO GOOD!!!), Shiitake mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms, white sweet potatoes, smooth kale, gluten free sandwich bread, gluten free bagels (AMAZING!!), plain yogurt and whole milk (from Trickling Springs)

Version 6

They were also having a special called the “bodacious breakfast bundle” which I ordered. The bundle included an apple danish, cinnamon bun, (for my kids), 2 dozen eggs, raw milk Colby cheese, 4 pack rustic bread, vanilla yogurt and 1 cluster of tomatoes.

Today for lunch, I had one of the bagels, with some ghee and the raw Colby, along with a salad made from one of the tomatoes and some of the mozzarella. Let me tell you, I’ve had fresh mozzarella before, but never did it taste as good as this stuff! I could have eaten the whole carton! And, I’ve been gluten free for 9 years, and the bagel was as close to the real thing as I’ve had since going GF. DELICIOUS!!! I can’t wait to try the bread!

Version 2

Now, I need to use up some of these greens in some way, maybe a soup or a smoothie? I’ll let you know.

BTW…I weighed today. I know I said I’d wait until Friday but I couldn’t resist. I lost .6 pounds since yesterday! So, I’m on my way to losing what I gained this weekend.

That’s all for now!

Until next time…

Namaste my friends.






Have a beautiful day my friends. Namaste!

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