April 12, 2018 – Man Plans…God Laughs…

Good news and bad news… First the good news…I lost 1.4 pounds yesterday. That’s AFTER gaining a pound the day before, so, I’m down .4 pounds from where I was 2 days ago. Today is the last day of my detox. (Thank the lord! 🙏) I’ll weigh tomorrow for a final total, but as of today, I lost a total of 11 1/2 pounds in 3 weeks. Not too shabby, and a great way to kick off my 3 months. (My goal is still 30 pounds during that time and 50 pounds by September.)

Okay, now for the bad news… I twisted my ankle today on a long walk by a lake. (a possible sprain) It isn’t swelling very much or turning color, which gives me hope.  It hurts quite a bit! My plans for exercising everyday might need to be altered, at least for a few days. As I said, man plans and God laughs. Maybe this is God’s way of telling me I’m doing too much too fast?


Anyway, here’s what happened…

My oldest son’s college course was canceled today, and giving him the time to take our dog for his daily walk. I decided to take advantage of the little bit of freedom from my beloved canine, and drive to a local lake and walk the paths….an hour walk, is what I decided to do…30 minutes one way, then turn around. (The path all the way around the lake is LONG, 5.3 miles to be exact, so I knew I couldn’t do the whole thing) Well, I had just hit the 30 minute mark and was about to turn around, when I stepped incorrectly on a bump in the asphalt path, sending me tumbling to the ground, pain shooting through my right ankle.

I sat for a few seconds, holding my ankle, taking deep breaths, tears in my eyes. I tried standing up, only to have my head start spinning, things getting blurry and dark. So, I quickly sat down. The last thing I needed was to pass out on the hard asphalt and crack my head open! My heart was racing, my ankle aching and I was more than a mile from my car (about 1.3 miles).

IMG_0816 2

I think I sat for about 5 minutes, until the pain in my ankle subsided a bit. I think adrenaline kept me going during the walk back, because my ankle didn’t hurt that bad. When I got back to the car, it was beginning to hurt a bit more.

I had a few errands to run. My ankle didn’t hurt too much. (I’ve had sprains before, and this one was mild in comparison to some) So, I decided I could finish my errands, then go home and ice it for a while.


Well, by the time I got to the store, my ankle hurt so bad, I couldn’t press on the brake! Pressing the gas was okay, but pressing the break hurt like a …. well, it hurt a lot. So, I used my left foot to break. Driving very carefully and slowly, I finally made it home.

I was expecting the worst when I was finally able to look at it, but it wasn’t bad at all. It hurt a lot, however hardly any swelling and no discoloration. (yet) I iced it for about an hour, and wrapped it. I’ll take a look at it later. Maybe I got lucky? Who knows, only time will tell.

IMG_0814 2

I love taking photos with my iPhone, but am hardly ever able to do that, because I’m always walking my dog. I took advantage today, and took photos of the lake and the forest surrounding the lake. All photos were taken before I fell. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Say a prayer for me that my ankle isn’t badly hurt. Sprains take a good two weeks or more to heal properly and I can’t take that kind of time. And, I can’t stop…the old me would’ve seen this as an excuse to stop and give up. I can’t and won’t let that happen. I’m on a mission that must succeed. (see the rest of my photos below!)

Until next time…

Namaste my friends.


IMG_0813IMG_0812IMG_0811 2IMG_0810 2IMG_0809 2IMG_0807 2IMG_0806 2IMG_0805 2IMG_0804 2IMG_0803 2IMG_0802 2

IMG_0808 2

IMG_0818IMG_0801 2


Have a beautiful day my friends. Namaste!

11 responses to “April 12, 2018 – Man Plans…God Laughs…”

  1. Healthy thoughts coming your way Tamara. Hope your ankle is already feeling better. Thanks for the “before” pics. I especially like those leading towards something. Makes me curious.
    Congrats on your detox results!!!

  2. You just have to take the bad with the good and look for the silver lining in the bad. Perhaps you are right that it is a sign that you are going too fast on your journey. Perhaps this is an opportunity to do some sitting upper body work with weights. Perhaps…. At any rate, I’m sorry you got hurt. You were blessed to be able to make it home, both from the walk and from the store. Do take it easy until it heals.

    • Thank you for your kind wishes. 😊 I’ll be writing about it tomorrow, but I did get really lucky. I found some online videos for working out with an injured foot, which I’ll be using this week, then reevaluate. 🙏😘

    • I think you may be right, at least over the weekend. I’ll see how I feel on Monday. I just feel guilty sitting around, when there is so much to be done and so little time to do it. 😉🤗

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