Today’s Daily Affirmation…

What exactly is an affirmation? Affirmations are, essentially a form of auto-suggestion. I’m actually studying this in school right now. Learning how to teach people to use positive thinking and imagery to change negative behaviors. Neuroscience has actually proven that thoughts, good or bad, change the structure of the brain. Through repetitive positive thinking, we create new connections within the brain.

Affirmations are an area in which both of my blogs are linked. The science side of it coincides with my blog The Purple Almond, however, there is a spiritual component.

Affirmations are closely related to Mantra’s, which can be found in ancient buddhist and Sanskrit texts. These mantras are used during meditation to help focus the mind.

Affirmations can help with anything from cravings and healthy eating, to body image and self-esteem, to spirituality, unity and enlightenment. So, to help you out…

For the next week, I’ll be posting a daily affirmation to both of my sites. After that, it will be weekly, each Sunday morning. The key to making an affirmation work is repetition. So, if you see an affirmation that really grabs you, use it daily for several weeks. Say it out loud in a confident voice several times a day, and use present tense. (For example: Say I am happy not I will be happy).


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Have a beautiful day my friends. Namaste!

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